Circuit Workout #2

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This is our second circuit workout to share with you. A few tips on how to get your kiddos motivated:

  • Make exercise time fun! I find that my kids love it when we do the exercise activities together. On those days that they feel less motivated, that’s when I turn up the energy and get excited which then gets them excited! Also, sometimes I will give them something to look forward to post-exercise like a fruit smoothie or popsicle.

  • Be consistent. We always have our family fitness days on those days that Mama is not out running and in the morning. For them they know that if Mama is not out running, then we are either going for a walk or in the backyard to exercise. Writing it on the calendar can also help.

As always, listen to your body and drink lots of water. Try to exercise when temps are cooler and wear sun-screen if you are outdoors.


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