Running a marathon at six months pregnant leading to Arianna Huffington (herself) providing me a platform as a contributing writer for Huff Post, I have always been fascinated by the great human potential that lies within all of us.  I believe running breaks down walls, unites people, and builds bridges within communities. As a community advocate, I have spent time volunteering providing youth running programs in under-served neighborhoods helping others discover their own great human potential through the activity of running.

Couple of facts about me:

I am a little corky, but fun.  Devoted wife, energetic (home birthing) mama, passionate runner & writer, RRCA Certified Running Coach, mostly vegan, and 100% community advocate.  I love to travel with my family discovering new places to run and connecting with other community cultures.  The most important thing I would like to accomplish before I die, is being able to know that I did not just take up space and instead made an impact on the community by inspiring others to discover their own greatness through running and making this world a better place.