Important Message from a Not-So-Stereotypical Home Birthing Mom

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I am probably very different than what society’s idea of a stereotypical home birthing mom is. I don’t consider myself crunchy or granola… truth is I am barely organic. I am not sure if all the plastics cups in my house are BPA-free… or even why they should be. I hate that I don’t have the patience to use a neti pot or drink fire cider to cure a common cold. No, instead I’d rather have my husband run out to the nearest drug store at eight o’clock at night on Christmas Eve to purchase a quick fix over the counter cold remedy! As conventional as I may seem, I chose to birth both of my children naturally at home with the support of midwives.

I do have insurance, and in fact have a regular physician and obstetrician. So how does someone like me choose to birth not one, but two children at home within the last four years? There are multiple reasons! The first is that my prenatal, birth, and postpartum care from my midwife was based on me as an individual and not my age or ethnicity. Also, I was not shamed for running, wearing high heels, or wanting to eat sushi during my pregnancy. I instead was supported and guided to do what I wanted in moderation, which included running a marathon at six months pregnant. My care was always in the best interest of my unborn child, but also considered my own well-being as an individual. Bottom line is that my midwife took the time to get to know me, connected with me, and therefore treated and cared for me appropriately.

I am going to assume that both my home birth experiences differed from that of the mainstream methods. I birthed both my children on all fours in the same room in my house by choice. Both of my births I had the same Midwife plus additional women present to support and assist me during my hours of labor and the actual birth. A couple months ago, during the first part of my labor with my second child, we had music playing while my son and husband were dancing around making us all laugh. I was never confined to one particular area or secluded from social interaction. In fact, our neighbors even came over and brought us pizza and my labor seemed more like a party than a procedure. The party ended, however, when my labor became more intense and the pain kicked in. Aside from what those may think, I do not have a high tolerance for pain. What makes me and potentially other home birthing Moms strong enough to take the intensity of labor and birth head on, is the fact that we focus on the end result, which is a natural non-invasive birth. The intensity of labor and birth should not be feared. In fact, I find tattoos way more intense and painful than natural child birth, as I only have one tattoo and have had two natural home births.

Imagine being held in your care provider’s arms, gently guiding you through the waves of labor and birth. Then as you begin to give life to another human being you are gentle placed into your spouse’s arms and you take hold of your baby uninterrupted, allowing you to savor the moment.

There is a feeling after you give birth that is only felt if done naturally without any inhibitors to block. It is a feeling of complete love, excitement, and adrenaline. It can be described as a completely euphoric feeling and probably the greatest high in life to imagined. It is a pheromone given off by the mom that everyone surrounding her at the time of her birth feels. Some call it “the love hormone” and is so wonderful to experience! For me, this euphoric feeling instantly bonded me with my child, as well as everyone that has ever been present during my births including my midwives for life.

Birth is a very significant and empowering event in a women’s life no matter what method is chosen. The way a woman chooses to experience birth should always be supported, as it is a woman’s right to choose. “When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.” ― Marie Mongan.


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